The largest expense is the cost of the flight – $400 or more.  Depending upon your departure point, you may find prices more reasonable if you drive to a larger city and fly from there.  For example, we often drive to Ft. Lauderdale or Atlanta to fly to Guatemala. You need a current passport and Covid vaccination documentation.  You will also need to be tested for Covid before the flight – see airlines details regarding this procedure.

The cost once in country varies depending upon your preferences.  Generally, our work crew stays at the camp in Parramos, so housing fees are reduced.  The fee for lodging at camp is $10/person/day. This pays for bed and bath, hot showers and the use of washer and dryer.  However, Antigua Guatemala isn’t too far away so you could stay in a local hotel.  The rates appear to be comparable to US prices – $120/night.  You would, however, need to arrange for transportation back to the camp for the day.

Other fees are as follows:

Transportation to and from airport; to group functions; use of camp truck for mission projects – $10/person/day

Food – meals cooked at camp – $10/person/day