Efficient, vented Chapina stoves transform the way women cook in rural Guatemala. The stove vents 99.9% of toxic smoke outside and uses 70% less wood. Cooking time is reduced because tortillas can be made while pots are cooking on the same surface. Burns are eliminated and the health of the entire family improves.

(Left photo) She is a single mother and has a beautiful daughter named Fatima, she is in 1st grade and a very smart girl. (Right photo) Margarita, a worker of the Mission along with Andrea and Fatima. New Chapina stove -available locally in Parramos.


First of all, we thank our good Lord, and secondly our dear friends for the donation God put in their hearts to help the Mission down here in Guatemala. It is an honor for helping our own people who are in great need. We want to make more but our worst enemy is lack of money. One more time, thank you for your donation and be sure we will be your feet and hands down here in Guatemala always. On this opportunity, we did use your donation for the Chapina stove for them. You cannot imagine how happy and thankful they are with you and you saved the families of severe sickness.

Now the kitchen looks cleaner and neat. May God bless you greatly. Receive many thanks on behalf of them. The Bible says Mark 9:41. “ And anyone who gives you a cup of water in my names, just because you belong to me, surely you will be rewarded”.

May God bless you, Margarita Achalzo – lead missionary – Parramos, Guatemala.