Of course, there are inherent risks involved in flying and going into a foreign country, but we generally have found them to be minimal by following some basic rules.  We never arrive or depart at dawn, dusk or after dark. We depart Guatemala City as soon as possible after we arrive at the airport and only return to town to go directly to the airport without stopping on the way.  The camp is located high in the mountains away from the big city and is very safe.  Even still, the camp is behind locked gates. We encourage everyone to stay inside the gates after dark just as a rule.  We visit Antigua and usually stay for dinner, and we have found it to be safe, probably because it is such a tourist area and is well guarded by local police.  We encourage you not to wear your gold, diamonds, or other expensive jewelry into country though, just to avoid temptation. The other risk is to your heart.  Once you come, it will forever belong to the people of Guatemala.