Most of the year, the weather is temperate.  The days are about 70s and nights are 50s.  If you come in the rainy season (spring or early summer) consider bringing rain gear.  It is preferred that women do not wear clothing that is too revealing, and tank tops and short shorts are not permitted.  Longer shorts, tee shirts, or short sleeved button-down shirts, capris, jeans or comfortable pants, tennis shoes, sandals, light jackets. Of course, bring all your medications you would need for a week.  Our July mission trip is a work trip so bring some things you don’t mind getting dirty / stained just in case.   If you think you might want to buy extra souvenirs, consider bringing clothes you don’t mind leaving behind to give you more room in your return luggage for the goodies you find in the markets in Antigua.  If you think you will return next year, you can store your clothes at the camp or you can donate them to the families.