Unfiltered water carries contaminants including disease processes. The locally furnished manufacturer Eco-Filter, provides clean, healthy water for household use in Guatemala.

Who Are Ecofiltro?

Ecofiltro started out as a foundation donating water filters to rural Guatemalan families. The aim was to give all Guatemalans access to clean drinking water. Unable to tackle the huge scale of the water problems, they evolved into a social enterprise selling water filters to urban communities to finance more affordable prices for rural communities.

Water Filters in Guatemala
In the 1980s, chlorine tablets were introduced to Guatemala to purify water and make it safe to drink. The less-than-ideal taste and skepticism amongst rural communities who did not know what exactly these tablets were, led many Guatemalans to not use them. Ecofiltro offered an alternative way to address the water crisis in Guatemala.

You can give a water filtration system and change a family’s life, for $60. Please email info@projectguatemala.org