Blue and White Striped Bag


Our large blue and white striped bag is the epitome of flexibility and convenience, making it an ideal companion for a variety of uses. Made from high-quality plastic, this bag is not only durable but also lightweight, making it easy to travel with. Its spacious interior can comfortably fit towels and toys for a beach day, or goods from the market for your grocery runs.

Beyond the beach and market, this versatile bag is perfect for numerous other purposes. Use it as a stylish gym bag to carry your workout gear, or as a reliable tote for your weekend getaways. It can also serve as an excellent diaper bag for parents on the go, ensuring you have all the essentials for your little ones. The flexible design and sturdy construction ensure that whatever your needs, this bag can handle it all with ease.

In addition to its practical uses, this bag embodies a greater mission. Through, we have been serving families in Guatemala for two decades. Our mission is to empower families by promoting the sale of high-quality handcrafted goods. By choosing this bag, you are not only investing in a reliable and stylish product, but you are also supporting a cause that uplifts and sustains communities in Guatemala. Your purchase directly contributes to the livelihood and well-being of these families, making a meaningful impact on their lives.

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