What should I pack for a trip to Guatemala?

Most of the year, the weather is temperate.  The days are about 70s and nights are 50s.  If you come in the rainy season (spring or early summer) consider bringing rain gear.  It is preferred that women do not wear clothing that is too revealing, and tank tops and short shorts are not permitted.  Longer […]

What are the risks involved?

Of course, there are inherent risks involved in flying and going into a foreign country, but we generally have found them to be minimal by following some basic rules.  We never arrive or depart at dawn, dusk or after dark. We depart Guatemala City as soon as possible after we arrive at the airport and […]

What is the cost of a trip?

The largest expense is the cost of the flight – $400 or more.  Depending upon your departure point, you may find prices more reasonable if you drive to a larger city and fly from there.  For example, we often drive to Ft. Lauderdale or Atlanta to fly to Guatemala. You need a current passport and […]

Do you ever do trips to the mission in Guatemala?

We try to go at least once a year for a work mission trip, but we also have offered orientation trips for small groups to introduce interested parties in what we do.  The hope is that when you come to Guatemala, you will fall in love with these people as we have.  Our annual trip […]

What is your greatest need?

Sponsors for children.  We want these children to have opportunities to grow, learn and eventually help themselves out of the desperate situation they are born into.  However, without nutrition, children can’t grow, can’t learn, and sometimes die.  We need people who are willing to invest in a child’s future.  And really, when you sponsor a […]

What can I do to help?

Consider sponsoring a child, purchasing a stove or water filter for some families.  Of perhaps become involved on a more personal level by coming on a trip with us to Guatemala to meet these wonderful people.  It is something you will not regret, and your heart will be touched forever.

What is the main purpose of your mission?

To provide for the impoverished families in Parramos Guatemala and the surrounding villages.  Our goal is to provide nourishment, opportunities for education, and for self-employment to help bring individual families and the community out of poverty.  Our mission stateside provides funding, through sponsorship of children and direct donations to the Christian mission in Parramos Guatemala […]

Water Filters

Unfiltered water carries contaminants including disease processes. The locally furnished manufacturer Eco-Filter, provides clean, healthy water for household use in Guatemala. Who Are Ecofiltro? Ecofiltro started out as a foundation donating water filters to rural Guatemalan families. The aim was to give all Guatemalans access to clean drinking water. Unable to tackle the huge scale […]